Program Requirements

You’ll work closely with your advisor to design your degree program, practicum and research goals.

Degree requirements

Required Courses   (total of 39 hours)           

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 614 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis 3 hrs
SPE 618  Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis and Interventions for Teachers in Applied Settings 3 hrs
SPE 626
PSY 757

Applied Behavior Analysis for Developmental Disabilities & Autism in Applied Settings
Observational Methods & Functional Assessment

3 hrs
PSY 747  Single Subject Research Design in Applied Behavior Analysis 3 hrs
PSY 777  Conceptual Foundations of Applied Behavioral Science 3 hrs
PSY 761  Ethical and Professional Issues 3 hrs
PSY 797
SPE 710

Directed Research
Problems in Special Education

3 hrs
PSY 796
SPE 791

Clinical Practicum for Individuals with Autism and Challenging Behavior

6 hrs
PSY 799
SPE 799 
Thesis 6 hrs
Elective Courses:  select two of the following courses (6 hrs)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PSY 602  Learning Theories 3 hrs
SPE 626  Applied Behavior Analysis for Developmental Disabilities and Autism in Applied Settings 3 hrs
SPE 627 Research-Based Strategies for Individuals with ASD 3 hrs
PSY 629 Psychological Tests and Measurements  3 hrs
PSY 695  Specialized Topics in Psychology 3 hrs
PSY 745 Statistics and Research Design 3 hrs
PSY 767 Behavior Disorders of Childhood 3 hrs
PSY 770 Behavioral Systems Analysis 3 hrs
SPE 780 Impact of Contemporary Issues & Diversity in Special Education 3 hrs
Thesis and Non-Thesis Options 

Students in the Thesis Option track will complete three (3) hours for Directed Research (PSY 797) and six (6) hours of Thesis (PSY 799).

Students in the Non-Thesis Option will complete three (3) hours of Directed Research (PSY 797), six (6) hours of  Internship (PSY 798). The Internship will allow the student to write and implement a comprehensive behavior plan using the scholarly product from PSY 797 and PSY 798.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Students who decide to pursue Board Certified supervised practicums should consult early (the first semester) with their respective Psychology or Special Education advisor to arrange opportunities and to apply for Board Certified supervised practicum placement. Students who are interested in obtaining certification must ensure that the practicum courses meet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board requirements (e.g., supervision by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, allocation of hours to a variety of professional activities, record keeping, etc.). It is possible that students who are destined for a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis would not choose to seek Board Certified supervised practicums, but rather they would focus on basic and/or applied research practicums.