Careers and Outcomes in Gerontology

What do gerontologists do?

Gerontology student standing outside next to workplace signage.​​​​​​​

Gerontologists are people who make life better for older adults (usually ages 65 and above).

They support, inform, research and solve problems.

Why pursue a career in gerontology?

Job options are increasing. You won't have trouble finding work.

People are living longer than ever. That means the labor market needs people like you and your specialized skills.

Our program prepares you to work with and support a growing demographic.

Gerontology careers

A gerontology degree prepares you to pursue many careers in aging services.

You can become an advocate for older adults, improve their quality of life and build a connection with them.

The great thing about gerontology? It pairs well with many other fields.

Use your knowledge in areas like biology, government, health care, social work, business and more.


Director of social services

Foster grandparent coordinator

Home health services coordinator​​​​​​​

Nursing home administrator

Ombudsman program coordinator

Senior center director

Senior housing project manager

Business or finance

Editor of a publication for seniors

Estate and financial planning

Gerontology consultant

Investment counselor

Legal advisor to the aged​​​​​​​

Marketing and admissions for senior-living communities

Pension advisor

Pre-retirement coordinator

Travel and leisure programs


Caregiver support group coordinator

College university instructor

Gerontology program coordinator

Retirement counselor

Workshop/seminar instructor or organizer


Geriatric nurse

Home health aide

Hospice professional

Medicare advisor

Physical therapy

Recreational therapy

Speech therapy

Social services

Activities/recreation director

Adult day care center caregiver

Case manager

Homebound shoppers program director

Rehabilitation counselor​​​​​​​

Senior employment counselor

How much can you make with a gerontology degree?

Your specific salary depends on your job type, location and experience.

Employers want to hire you. In an alumni survey, 99% of respondents reported they found a job within three months of graduation.

Average annual salary


Average annual salary for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in gerontology.

If you earn an administrator’s license, you can make up to $140,000 per year according to