Hill Hall

Advice for the future

Our faculty commits to helping undergraduate and graduate students achieve academic and career goals through academic advising. The department of psychology recommends that you meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester to ensure that you are meeting both departmental and University requirements.

Psychology Advisement Center

The Psychology Advisement Center provides academic and career advising for undergraduate students interested in or currently pursuing a psychology major or minor. Located in HILL 318, the Psychology Advisement Center schedules appointments and provides drop-in hours for you to speak with an academic advisor about your program of study.

Honors advising

Undergraduate students who are members of the Honors College do not follow the departmental advising process. Instead, an academic advisor is assigned by the Honors College office. Honors advisors in the department of psychology include Dr. Erin Buchanan, Dr. Melissa Fallone and Dr. Carol Shoptaugh.

Honors advisors understand both the requirements of the Honors College and the psychology degree. Typically, you remain with the selected honors advisor during your freshman and sophomore years. Then, you can transfer to an advisor whose training closely matches your professional goals.

Graduate advising

Upon acceptance into the graduate program, graduate students are assigned an advisor from the faculty members within their chosen track. The advisor helps students with their class schedules, research projects, and thesis.