Program Requirements

Mapping the major

The clinical psychology graduate track at Missouri State is a 47-hour program that can be completed in two years, if you maintain full-time student status. You must maintain a 3.25 GPA and make adequate progress toward completing your degree to remain in the program. For a detailed listing of psychology courses, visit Courses Offered by Psychology.

Core course requirements (21 credit hours)

  • PSY 745 Statistics and Research Design (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 752 Research Methods (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 761 Ethics and Professional Issues (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 780 Social Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 796 Practicum (6 credit hours)
  • PSY 798 or 799 Internship or Thesis (3 credit hours)

Clinical track required courses (18 credit hours)

  • PSY 720 Individual Intelligence Testing (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 760 Clinical Communication Skills (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 764 Group Psychotherapy (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 765 Techniques of Individual Psychotherapy (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 766 Psychopathology (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 740 Psychological Assessment (3 credit hours)

Electives (at least 8 credit hours)

  • PSY 614 Behavior Modification and Change (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 701 Seminar (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 742 Practicum in Psychological Assessment (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 767 Behavior Disorders of Childhood
  • COU 752 Career Development (3 credit hours)

Comprehensive examination

In addition to completing the above coursework, you must pass a written comprehensive examination before a degree will be granted. Comprehensive exams are typically completed in the Fall semester of your second year. You must have completed PSY 720 (Individual Intelligence Testing), PSY 740 (Psychological Assessment), PSY 745 (Statistics and Research Design), PSY 752 (Research Methods), PSY 760 (Clinical Communication Skills), PSY 761 (Ethical and Professional Issues), PSY 766 (Psychopathology), and PSY 765 Techniques of Individual Psychotherapy.

Culminating experiences

Culminating experiences are crucial to the M.S. Psychology program because these experiences are typically a major consideration in employment and opportunities for doctoral study. You must complete six hours of PSY 798 (Internship) or PSY 799 (Thesis) before earning your degree.

Practicum and Internships

For each credit hour of Practicum, you must serve 60 hours at the practicum site.  Evaluation of your performance will come from two sources:  1) supervisors at the organization and 2) the faculty director of your practicum.  Besides providing extensive supervised fieldwork, the practicum will allow you to integrate theoretical and research knowledge with specific aspects of the applied experience. 

Internships are similar, except that you are required to serve 45 hours at the practicum site per credit hour, and you must complete a seminar paper..

Visit Practicum and Internships for more information.


The primary purpose of the thesis is to allow you to establish and demonstrate research competency.

Clinical Handbook

Take a look at the Clinical Handbook for details about all requirements, a listing of seminar papers and theses completed, and other information about the clinical track of the graduate program.