Facilities and Resources

Hill Hall

We’re housed in Hill Hall, along the historic quad of Missouri State’s campus.

Located inside are:

  • Psychology department and gerontology program main offices
  • Psychology Advisement Center
  • Faculty offices
  • Large lecture hall
  • Computer lab, open to all undergraduate and graduate students
  • Graduate student lounge, complete with workstations and computers
  • Computer classrooms
  • Psychology and gerontology research assistant opportunities

Research facilities

We’re committed to providing quality facilities and equipment that support research.

Equipment for exploration

Research is vital to your academic success and the further development of the psychology field. Review research resources for a detailed look into current research.

Brain and Behavior Lab

This lab utilizes BioSemi EEG equipment for recording the brain's response to sensory stimuli and a BIOPAC system for recording pulse and galvanic skin response.

Cognitive behavioral measures and neuropsychological assessment are also used. 

The primary line of research in the lab attempts to bridge cognitive processes with neurophysiological processes.

Clinical labs

Primarily used for honing group therapy techniques, two clinical labs are located in Hill Hall. These rooms are similar to most clinics.

However, our labs are equipped with video cameras, audio recording devices and one-way mirrors. You can practice your interviewing and diagnostic skills while your peers observe the process and make recommendations following the exercise.

Experimental labs

Smaller, experimental labs are available on the fourth floor of Hill Hall.

From a conference room format to smaller rooms with tables, you can use these labs for a variety of projects.

Also, some labs are equipped with computers used for test-taking and data analysis.

Eye and Heart Lab

Use visual scanning equipment to measure the number, duration and the scanning pattern of visual fixations displayed when a person visually attends to a stimulus.

This equipment and research has been used to develop a heart rate model of adult visual learning. Future studies aim to apply this model to infants for the creation of possible interventions to promote visual learning and development.

Health Lab

Located in Hill Hall, the health lab houses a cold pressor and galvanic skin response machine. Most research conducted in the health lab concerns the application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in health populations.

Infant Behavior Lab

Located in Park Central Office Building. Researchers in the Infant Behavior Lab study the motor, cognitive and social development of infants and young children using behavioral observation methods and neurobehavioral assessments.

Mnemonic Strategies Lab

Located in Hill Hall. Researchers in this lab examine educational applications of various mnemonic (memory enhancing) strategies, such as the keyword method, the face-name mnemonic, the pegword method and the digit-consonant mnemonic.

For example, a recent study applied the face-name mnemonic to learning artists and their paintings (divided into representational and abstract sets), and found immediate and delayed benefits for those using the mnemonic technique compared to an own best method control group.

Psycholinguistics Lab

The Psycholinguistics Lab researches the separation between word meaning and word use in language.

We are interested in how people know that “you're the bomb!” means that “you are cool” and not “you are going to explode.” 

We also research how people are able to judge the frequency of events around them, the difference in social word use and textbook word use, and how people learn languages.

Additional facilities

Beyond the primary Springfield campus, our department operates the Learning Diagnostic Clinic in the Meyer Alumni Center and provides various research facilities in the Park Central Office Building.

The gerontology program is also located in Hill Hall.

Learning Diag Clin

Park Central Office Building

Address: 117 Park Central Square Springfield, MO 65897
Building abbreviation: PCOB

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