Faculty and Staff

Our faculty conduct original research in the areas they teach.

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Dr. Paul Deal

Dr. Paul Deal

Department Head
Associate Professor

Teaching: Individual intelligence testing; introduction to clinical psychology; abnormal psychology

Dr. Ann D. Rost

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; health psychology; behavior management

Brittany N. Wise

Brittany N. Wise

Assistant Director, MCHHS Student Success and Advisement Center

Kelli N. Helton

Kelli N. Helton

Academic Administrative Assistant II


Dr. Amber R. Abernathy

Dr. Amber R. Abernathy

Associate Professor
Mary-Charlotte Bayles Shealy Chair in Conscientious Psychology

Teaching: Psychology of childhood; psychology of adolescence; personality. Office Hours: Mondays 9am-2pm or by appointment

Dr. Jordan Belisle

Teaching: Learning processes; experimental psychology

Dr. Steven C. Capps

Dr. Steven C. Capps

Director of the Learning Diagnostic Center
Assistant Professor

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; psychological assessment

Dr. Christie L. Cathey

Teaching: Introductory psychology; teaching of psychology

Dr. Michael Clayton

Dr. Michael Clayton

Associate Professor
Coordinator, ABA Graduate Program

Teaching: Single-Case Research Methodology, Behavior Theory and Philosophy, Fundamentals of ABA, Death and Dying, Learning Processes

Dr. Timothy K. Daugherty

Teaching: Abnormal psychology, diversity, introduction to the major, tests and measurement, statistics

Dr. Leslie Echols

Teaching: Educational psychology; social/cognitive development; research methods and statistics

Dr. Melissa D. Fallone

Teaching: Experimental psychology; psychology of the child; research in psychology; human growth and development; psychology of the adolescent

Dr. Donald L. Fischer

Teaching: Introduction to psychology; freshman orientation; industrial-organizational psychology; personnel psychology; professional ethics; industrial-organizational practicum; internship/thesis supervision

Dr. Jeffrey L. Foster

Teaching: Statistics, Personnel Selection, Performance Appraisal, and Organizational Surveys and Research

Dr. Lisa C. Hall

Dr. Lisa C. Hall

Associate Professor
Gerontology Program Coordinator

Teaching: Social Forces and Aging; Community Resources for Older Adults; Gerontology Senior Seminar; Gerontology Practicum

Dr. Hannah Jayne Harris

Dr. Hannah Jayne Harris

Assistant Director of the Learning Diagnostic Center

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; introduction to clinical psychology

Dr. Danae L. Hudson

Dr. Danae L. Hudson

Coordinator of Clinical Graduate Program

Teaching: Introductory Psychology; Abnormal Psychology; Clinical Communication Skills (graduate); Adult Psychopathology (graduate);

Dr. Adena D. Jones

Teaching: Introduction to psychology; educational psychology; psychology of diversity; Preparation for Graduate School

Dr. Thomas D. Kane

Teaching: Social psychology; statistics; history and systems; group processes; organizational psychology; internship and thesis supervision

Dr. Bogdan Kostic

Teaching: PSY 200: Psychological Statistical Methods; PSY 302: Experimental Psychology; PSY 510: Research in Psychology Graduate; PSY 750: Advanced Survey of Psychology

Dr. D. Wayne Mitchell

Dr. D. Wayne Mitchell

Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Experimental Graduate Program

Dr. Mary C. Newman

Teaching: Introduction to psychology; psychology of adulthood; aging and adjustment; death and human behavior; psychology of women; psychological effects of dementia

Dr. Dana C. Paliliunas

Teaching: Learning processes; introduction to applied behavior analysis; ethical issues and concepts

Dr. Ashley N. Payne

Teaching: Intro to psychology; psychology of childhood; educational psychology

Dr. CaSandra L. Stanbrough

Teaching: Physiological psychology; motivation and emotion; psychological stat methods; theories of social psychology

Dr. Maureen E. Templeman

Teaching: Families in Later Life; Diversity of Aging.

Dr. Michelle E. Visio

Teaching: Introductory psychology; statistics; experimental psychology; I-O practicum; advance survey in psychology; internship and thesis supervision

Dr. Tanya L. Whipple

Teaching: Introductory psychology; psychology of childhood; human sexuality; history and systems; psychology of men

Dr. Brooke L. Whisenhunt

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; individual intelligence testing; psychological assessment; psychopathology; psychology of eating (intersession)

Dr. Carly A. Yadon

Teaching: Physiological Psychology; perception; introduction to research; neuropsychology

Dr. David M. Zimmerman

Dr. David M. Zimmerman

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Coordinator, Child Forensic Certification

Teaching: Social psychology, psychology of diverse populations, psychology and law

Emeritus faculty

Dr. Timothy A. Bender

Teaching: Memory and cognition; educational psychology; honors introductory psychology

Dr. Russell N. Carney

Teaching: Educational psychology; Development of early childhood

Dr. David J. Dixon

Emeritus Faculty Teaching: Psychology of childhood; human development

Dr. Bradley J. Fisher

Dr. Bradley J. Fisher

Faculty Emeritus
Coordinator for Gerontology Program

Teaching: Aging; the individual and society; elderly and the media; successful aging and identity issues in later life; senior seminar for gerontology; practicum supervisor; social psychology; naturalistic methods in social psychology

Dr. Carol A. Gosselink

Teaching: The impact of aging in the 21st century; death, bereavement and the elderly; families in later life; community resources for older adults; public policy gender and aging issues

Dr. Harry L. Hom

Teaching: Experimental psychology; psychology of childhood; motivation and emotion

Dr. Robert G. Jones

Teaching: Statistics; performance assessment; selection; internship and thesis supervision

Dr. Donn L. Kaiser

Teaching: Social psychology; psychology and law; environmental psychology; psychological issues in religion; preparation for graduate school; advanced social psychology

Dr. Jeff J. Maloney

Emeritus Faculty Teaching: Adolescent psychology; personality theory; communication skills; group psychotherapy

Dr. Frederick R. Maxwell

Teaching: Physiological psychology; introductory psychology (Honors)

Dr. Arden T. Miller

Teaching: Educational psychology; human growth and development; psychology of childhood; experimental psychology

Dr. Jeanne A. Phelps

Teaching: Introductory psychology; personnel selection; classification and placement

Dr. John S. Rosenkoetter

Teaching: Experimental psychology; ethology

Dr. Carol F. Shoptaugh

Dr. Carol F. Shoptaugh

Faculty Emeritus
Coordinator I-O Graduate Program