Faculty and Staff

Administrative staff

Dr. William P. Deal

Teaching: Individual intelligence testing; introduction to clinical psychology; abnormal psychology

Dr. Ann D. Rost

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; health psychology; behavior management

Kelli N. Helton

Kelli N. Helton

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Faculty and staff

Dr. Amber R. Abernathy

Dr. Amber R. Abernathy

Associate Professor
Mary-Charlotte Bayles Shealy Chair in Conscientious Psychology

Teaching: Psychology of childhood; psychology of adolescence; personality

Dr. Jordan Belisle

Teaching: Learning processes; experimental psychology

Dr. Steven C. Capps

Dr. Steven C. Capps

Director of the Learning Diagnostic Center
Assistant Professor

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; psychological assessment

Dr. Christie L. Cathey

Teaching: Introductory psychology; teaching of psychology

Dr. Michael Clayton

Dr. Michael Clayton

Assistant Professor
Coordinator, ABA Graduate Program

Teaching: Single-Case Research Methodology, Behavior Theory and Philosophy, Fundamentals of ABA, Death and Dying

Dr. Timothy K. Daugherty

Teaching: Abnormal psychology, diversity, introduction to the major, tests and measurement, statistics

Dr. Leslie Echols

Teaching: Educational psychology; social/cognitive development; research methods & statistics

Dr. Melissa D. Fallone

Teaching: Experimental psychology; psychology of the child; research in psychology; human growth and development; psychology of the adolescent

Dr. Donald L. Fischer

Teaching: Introduction to psychology; freshman orientation; industrial/organizational psychology; personnel psychology; professional ethics; industrial/organizational practicum; internship/thesis supervision

Dr. Lisa C. Hall

Dr. Lisa C. Hall

Associate Professor
Gerontology Program Coordinator

Teaching: Social Forces and Aging; Community Resources for Older Adults; Gerontology Senior Seminar; Gerontology Practicum

Dr. Hannah Jayne Harris

Dr. Hannah Jayne Harris

Assistant Director of the Learning Diagnostic Center

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; introduction to clinical psychology

Dr. Danae L. Hudson

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; adult psychopathology; clinical communication skills; psychological assessment

Dr. Adena D. Jones

Teaching: Introduction to psychology; educational psychology; psychology of diversity; human growth and development

Dr. Thomas D. Kane

Teaching: Social psychology; statistics; history and systems; group processes; organizational psychology; internship and thesis supervision

Dr. Bogdan Kostic

Teaching: Undergraduate PSY 200: Psychological Statistical Methods PSY 302: Experimental Psychology PSY 510: Research in Psychology Graduate PSY 750: Advanced Survey of Psychology

Dr. David J. Lutz

Dr. David J. Lutz

Faculty Emeritus
Coordinator of Clinical Graduate Program

Teaching: Introduction to clinical psychology; ethical and professional issues; techniques of individual psychotherapy; practicum

Dr. D. Wayne W. Mitchell

Dr. D. Wayne W. Mitchell

Associate Dean
Coordinator of the Experimental Graduate Program

Teaching: Statistics; behavior management and change; graduate research methods

Dr. Mary C. Newman

Teaching: Introduction to psychology; psychology of adulthood; aging and adjustment; death and human behavior; psychology of women; psychological effects of dementia

Dr. Dana C. Paliliunas

Teaching: Learning processes; introduction to applied behavior analysis; ethical issues and concepts

Dr. Carol F. Shoptaugh

Teaching: Introductory psychology; experimental design; industrial/organizational psychology; human engineering; training and development; occupational health; human factors and ergonomics; internship thesis supervision

Dr. Michelle E. Visio

Teaching: Introductory psychology; statistics; experimental psychology; I/O practicum; advance survey in psychology; internship and thesis supervision

Dr. CaSandra L. Stanbrough

Teaching: Physiological psychology; motivation and emotion; psychological stat methods; theories of social psychology

Dr. Ruth V. Walker

Teaching: Families in later life; senior citizens policies and politics; gender issues in later life; aging and identity in literature and film

Dr. Tanya L. Whipple

Teaching: Introductory psychology; psychology of childhood; human sexuality; history and systems; psychology of men

Dr. Brooke L. Whisenhunt

Teaching: Abnormal psychology; individual intelligence testing; psychological assessment; psychopathology; psychology of eating (intersession)

Dr. Carly A. Yadon

Teaching: Physiological Psychology; perception; introduction to research; neuropsychology

Dr. David M. Zimmerman

Dr. David M. Zimmerman

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Coordinator, Child Forensic Certification

Teaching: Social psychology, psychology of diverse populations, statistics

Emeritus faculty

Dr. Timothy A. Bender

Teaching: Memory and cognition; educational psychology; honors introductory psychology

Dr. Russell N. Carney

Teaching: Educational psychology; Development of early childhood

Dr. David J. Dixon

Emeritus Faculty Teaching: Psychology of childhood; human development

Dr. Bradley J. Fisher

Dr. Bradley J. Fisher

Faculty Emeritus
Coordinator for Gerontology Program

Teaching: Aging; the individual and society; elderly and the media; successful aging and identity issues in later life; senior seminar for gerontology; practicum supervisor; social psychology; naturalistic methods in social psychology

Dr. Carol A. Gosselink

Teaching: The impact of aging in the 21st century; death, bereavement and the elderly; families in later life; community resources for older adults; public policy gender and aging issues

Dr. Harry L. Hom

Teaching: Experimental psychology; psychology of childhood; motivation and emotion

Dr. Robert G. Jones

Teaching: Statistics; performance assessment; selection; internship and thesis supervision

Dr. Donn L. Kaiser

Teaching: Social psychology; psychology and law; environmental psychology; psychological issues in religion; preparation for graduate school; advanced social psychology

Dr. Jeff J. Maloney

Emeritus Faculty Teaching: Adolescent psychology; personality theory; communication skills; group psychotherapy

Dr. Frederick R. Maxwell

Teaching: Physiological psychology; introductory psychology (Honors)

Dr. Arden T. Miller

Teaching: Educational psychology; human growth and development; psychology of childhood; experimental psychology

Dr. Jeanne A. Phelps

Teaching: Introductory psychology; personnel selection; classification and placement

Dr. John S. Rosenkoetter

Teaching: Experimental psychology; ethology