Psychology General Education Courses

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General education psychology courses

The department of psychology offers two courses, Psychology 101 and 121, that are included in the general education program at Missouri State University. The overall aim of general education is to develop people capable of making thoughtful choices that lead to creative and productive lives and responsible participation in society. You must complete the general education requirements (43-51 hours) with a cumulative 2.0 grade point average in order to graduate.

The general education program has three major components: Basic Required Courses, Areas of Inquiry (including Natural World, Culture and Society, and Self-Understanding), and Public Affairs. Each course that is in the general education program promotes a common set of general education objectives.

Introductory Psychology (PSY 121) and Psychology for Personal Growth (PSY 101) are both courses that fall under the Self-Understanding area of Inquiry component of general education, in the social/behavioral perspective. Unlike PSY 121, PSY 101 will not count toward a major or minor in psychology.

Both PSY 121 and PSY 101 have an identified set of course goals that are targeted by all instructors that correspond to specific goals and aims of the general education program.