Careers and Outcomes

Exploring business and industry

Industrial/Organizational psychology is the scientific study of the workplace. Theories, methods and scientific rigor are applied to problems and issues. Industrial/Organizational psychologists help organizations solve problems in human resources by designing and evaluating selection, training and development systems and by designing jobs in the workplace so that people are more satisfied and productive.

Specific job titles for our alumni include the following:

  • Senior manager
  • People development
  • Consultant, organizational research
  • Senior consultant, human resources
  • Staff specialist
  • Training associate
  • Employee development and training manager
  • Development director
  • Human resources division director

If you wish to pursue further education, consider working with a faculty member on a research project, maintain a high GPA, and secure excellent faculty recommendations.

For a more complete program evaluation and alumni employment information, please view our 2015 I/O Alumni Survey Program Evaluation.


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