Psychology Advisement Center

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Whether you are considering a major or minor in psychology or you have declared your major, the Psychology Advisement Center exists to help plan and schedule your psychology coursework to fulfill both departmental and University requirements for graduation.

The Advising Process

  • Advising sessions are available primarily by appointment.
  • Call 417-836-6841 or stop by GLEN ISLE 191 to schedule an appointment.  Appointments will not be scheduled via e-mail.

Gerontology majors and graduate students may visit the advising page for more information about their respective advising processes.  

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Class is Closed (Full): What do I do?

The Psychology Department will NOT be granting overrides into full courses. You are encouraged to monitor the course in case a seat become available (e.g., someone drops the course). If the course uses electronic waitlisting you can join the waitlist. For more information about waitlisting please review the following instructional video:

PSY 200 Classes Reserved for Psychology Majors:

If you are not a Psychology Major or if you have not been admitted to the Psychology Degree Program (completed PSY 150), you will be ineligible to register for the following courses:

PSY 200- 001

PSY 200-005

PSY 200-008

Classes Reserved for Online - Only Psychology Majors (OOPM) and Evening College Plus Students:

PSY 121-896 (15 seats reserved for Evening College Plus students)

PSY 121-899 (20 seats reserved for Evening College Plus students)

PSY 150- 896 (Entire section reserved)

PSY 200-895 (Entire section reserved)

PSY 302-899 (Entire section reserved)

PSY 304-896 (Entire section reserved)

PSY 306-898 (17 of the 23 seats are reserved)

PSY 331- 898 (12 of the 30 seats are reserved)

PSY 411-898 (Entire section reserved)

PSY 441-898 (12 of the 30 seats are reserved)

PSY 441-899 (25 seats reserved for Evening College Plus students)

PSY 521-899 (17 of the 32 seats are reserved)

PSY 506-896 (23 of the 28 seats are reserved)

PSY 523-899 (17 of the 32 seats are reserved)

PSY 533-896 (12 of the 25 seats are reserved)


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