Transferring Credit to Missouri State

After transfer credit has been evaluated by the Missouri State admissions office, students who are transferring and planning to major in psychology need to meet with an advisor in the Psychology Advisement Center to discuss degree requirements. Students will find some information about how course credit will transfer to Missouri State by checking our transfer equivalency site and looking at the transfer credit policy.

Before meeting with a psychology advisor, students need to apply and be admitted to the University. All transcripts must be sent to Missouri State for evaluation of transfer credit. Some coursework in psychology may transfer as specific classes offered at Missouri State. Other coursework may transfer as elective hours in psychology (i.e. PSY 000). Students wishing to have transfer credit for psychology courses re-evaluated should contact the department’s Advisement Coordinator at 417-836-6841.

Special considerations for those transferring from two-year or community colleges:

  • An Associate of Arts degree from most Missouri public or private institutions will meet all lower division general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
  • All transfer students must meet Missouri State’s residency requirements. These include completion of a minimum of 30 total credit hours (12 credit hours in the major, 6 credit hours in the minor, and no less than 20 of the last 30 credit hours to be completed through classes administered by the Missouri State Springfield campus).
  • Psychology courses completed at 2-year or community colleges will transfer to Missouri State as lower division credit. We do not re-evaluate them as upper division credit.
  • Up to 3 credit hours of lower division psychology electives will fulfill specific requirements for the psychology major.
  • Note that all foundation coursework requirements are for upper division courses.
    • Upper division psychology courses at Missouri State, such as Psychology of Childhood or Abnormal Psychology, cover content similar to courses that may be taken at two-year and community colleges, however those will transfer as lower division electives and will not meet foundation coursework requirements. Such courses may, however, be used to meet a specific prerequisite for another course.
    • Students are encouraged to fulfill foundation coursework requirements at Missouri State with courses in which course content is dissimilar to a course already taken. For example, a student transferring a course in abnormal psychology from a two-year institution will receive lower division elective credit for the course, not credit for PSY 304. The student is then encouraged to choose a course other than abnormal psychology to fulfill the applied foundation coursework requirement for the major. If the student chooses PSY 512, Personality Theories and Systems, for which PSY 304 is a prerequisite, the prerequisite will be waived.
  • Students interested in a psychology major should enroll in PSY 150, Introduction to the Psychology Major, during their first semester on campus. This course provides a great deal of advisement information and is required for psychology degree program admission.
  • It is essential for students to meet with their advisor regularly to assure that academic progress is directed toward established educational and career goals.
  • It is especially important for psychology majors who have completed significant credits toward a degree to become acquainted with the department through research and practicum experiences as well as active involvement with the Psychology Club and Psi Chi.

Applying to the psychology degree program:

Admission to the psychology degree program establishes the catalog year for a student majoring in psychology. Students must be admitted to a degree program before completing 75 credit hours, therefore it is especially important for incoming transfer students to be informed about this process early. For information on degree program admission requirements, visit Program Admission Requirements, or you may call 417-836-6841 or visit Hill Hall 313 to speak with an advisor.