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Before completing this form, take a look at the Agreement and Limitations at the bottom of this form after the Send button. If you agree, then apply for travel funds by providing the following contact information. Enter information directly into boxes below.

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  1. The student will present the project at the College of Health and Human Services' Student Research Symposium and/or at the Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum held in the same academic year as the funded conference.
  2. The student will submit to the psychology department an abstract of each paper or poster on which the student is an author or coauthor and that is presented at the conference (if multiple authors are attending the conference, only one abstract from those authors needs to be presented per paper or poster).
  3. For graduate students: funds must be requested from the Graduate College before funds will be allocated. See the Application for Graduate Student Travel Funding; attach a copy to the current application.
  4. The student will complete a University expense report within two weeks of completion of the conference in order to be reimbursed. If you have not yet completed travel, provide an estimate of food, lodging, and travel costs (for graduate students, the application in #3 will suffice). Missouri State University rules apply to reimbursement requests.
  5. Only presenters are funded, and only once per academic year. Students attending a conference but not presenting are not funded.
  6. The total amount of funding from all University and other non-personal sources cannot exceed the cost of the trip.


The department of psychology at Missouri State University encourages student travel to present research.  However, the department is limited in its resources depending on available funds and the number of students applying for such funds. It is highly unlikely that the department will be able to fund all or even a large part of an individual student's travel. Therefore, such funds, should they become available, should be considered a supplement to funds that students obtain from other sources.